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Upcoming Gatherings

12 Feb 2015  Mid-Winter Gathering in Wakendorf I (Bad Oldesloe)

20 Feb 2015  English-Speaking Ladies English Book Exchange in Ahrensburg

16 May 2015 Spring Coffee Break in Rohlsdorf/Wardersee (Segeberg)

28 Jun 2015 - Canada Day with Partners and family in Kiel

13 Sep 2015 - Sunday Brunch in Volksdorf-Hamburg

11 Oct 2015 Thankgiving with families in Wakendorf I

5 December 2015 - Christmas Dinner with partners/spouses in Bad Oldesloe


15 March 2014 - English Book Exchange in Ahrensburg

12 June 2014 - Coffee Break in Hotel Atlantic Kempinski, Hamburg

6 July 2014 - Canada Day Celebration Potluck Lunch with Partners/Spouses/Friends and family in Ahrensburg

24 Aug 2014 - Afternoon at Tremsbüttel Schloss

20 Sep 2014 - Firepit & Schmores in Wardersee (Bad Segeberg)

19 Oct 2014 - Canadian Thanksgiving in Bargteheide with Partners/Spouses/Friends and family in Ahrensburg

1st Saturday in December (6 Dec) - Christmas Dinner                          with partners/spouses in Bargteheide

In the past, we have met to celebrate Canada Day, Canadian Thanksgiving and/or for a coffee break, asian or spanish potluck.  On other occasions it was to simply meet with other Canadians at someone's home, at the local brewery/pub or in a restaurant.

Over the years, these get-togethers have taken place  in:  Ahrensburg, Bargteheide, Elmshorn/Kölln-Reisiek, Hamburg (HH-Eidelstedt, Eimsbüttel, Flottbek, Sasel, Volksdorf, Wandsbek, Wandsbek Markt, Zentrum), Itzstedt, Kiel, Norderstedt, Reinbek, Schenefeld, Tremsbüttel, Wakendorf I (Bad Oldesloe) and Wardersee/Rohlstorf (Bad Segeberg).

Last Updated:  9 Sep 2015